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Accounting & Tax

We adopt an effective tax strategy in compliance with the relevant authorities to help companies.

Financial Report

Focus on your core businesses while we advise  you on any changes in accounting standards.

Company Secretary

You can appoint us as your Corporate Secretary as required by the Singapore Companies Act.

Count on us, to Account for you.

‘Strength lies in differences, not similarities’.

That’s the hallmark of our company backed by a pool of multi-disciplinary specialist.

Our diversity is our strength.

Think of us as your outsourced Accountant who can free you from the burden of keeping accounts, so that you can better channel your precious time to make important management decisions based on our seamless and timely accounting information.

Our team of highly motivated financial advisors seeks to incorporate new business start-ups, nurture small and medium enterprises (SMEs) concerned with liquidity and compliances issues, develop the financial management of companies with expansion plans, and companies looking to restructure their operations.

Value-added services are provided in the areas of business advisory, legal and other corporate secretarial services.

We adopt a client-focused approach when fostering a business relationship with our clients. Be assured that we are meticulous with details while keeping abreast of the latest developments in accounting standards, compliance and corporate governance.

How are we Different?


We provide accounting information and solutions designed to empower you to make effective budgeting, costing, cash flow and investment decisions for your business.


We deliver personalised professional accounting services, expertise in financial audit, tax advisory, compliance, and regulatory matters.


We offer you the peace of mind to focus on your business strategies and long-term planning. You can certainly count on AccounThink to account for you.

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