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We are committed to engage actively with clients to provide creative and practical tax solutions to enhance cost effectiveness and savings.

Adopting an effective tax strategy in compliance with the relevant authorities is important to companies to optimize their resources and minimize tax liability.

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As your Outsourcing Partner, we will advise you on the changes in accounting standards, Central Provident Fund or labour legislation affecting your business. You need not be daunted by the complexity of tax requirements or worry about your accounting software being obsolete.

We will ensure that your financial reports are prepared in the latest XBRL format for submission to the accounting authority ACRA and the Inland Revenue of Singapore (IRAS)




Every company must appoint at least one Corporate Secretary who must comply with its statutory duties as required by the Singapore Companies Act.

As your Company Secretary, you can be assured that all your statutory obligations are met as we undertake your administrative and statutory functions to meet statutory deadlines.




Nowadays, starting and taking care of a business represents a real change and the most difficult part is dealing with your business’s finances. Although there are many types of software that can help you with your business available nowadays, you need to be sure you are choosing what suits your business needs. One of the most efficient software nowadays is quickbooks, which is easy to use and highly recommended for small and medium businesses.

As far as accounting is concerned, quickbooks will help you manage all of your expenses. This software will make things much easier for you and for your accountant, allowing you to keep track of the checks you write and of your credit card bills. Furthermore, by using this software you can be sure that you will never miss an expense. Another quickbook benefit is the fact that it has several different reports which can help you see how your business is doing. Thus, you can print graphics so that you can see how much profit and loss you have every month. You can even have an annual report which will help you see how your business has fluctuated and if it needs any improvement or not.