Accounting in Singapore

Accounting is simply defined as the analysis, recording and reporting of business transactions in a systematic way and the person in charge of the accounting process is referred to as the accountant and he or she is required to strictly follow the accounting rules and regulations which are generally accepted. Accounting enables companies to make analysis of its business financial performance hence look at the net profit or net loss statistics. Singapore has various firms which offer a full course accounting services for small business and companies to enable them to fulfill the regulatory authorities’ such as IRAS and ACRA compliance requirements.

We at, Accouthink Pte Ltd, target at reducing your overheads and workloads starting from the processing of payroll to bookkeeping. You can spend your precious time on other strategic issues aimed at improving your business growth and leave the any of the accounting matters to us.

The following are our services;

Book keeping and accounting services.  All companies in Singapore are required to keep a proper record that entails the cash flow statement, balance sheet, the profit and loss account as well as the equity statement according to the financial reporting standard of Singapore.

Income tax services.  IRAS required that every company submits an estimated chargeable income not later than 3 months after its financial year end.  By doing so, the company may enjoy the benefit of paying its tax over a number of installments.

Payroll services.  Timely and accurate salary disbursement to the employees are important for staff retention and assurance.  Salaries and benefits are private and confidential, by engaging a 3rd party to do so, you can rest assure that the information is kept to the employee only.

We will allocate a dedicated staff to work closely with your organization to ensure that all accounting transaction are fully recorded, we will maintain and update your accounting records and provides you with any advice which are practical for the aim of budgeting and taxation.

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